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Hey There!

You deserve to feel confident

In your ability to get. stuff. done.

Syndee is your AI-based supertool (and mom friend) that makes doin’ home projects easy and fun.  By helping you explore, plan, collab and FINISH what you set your mind to. 

You’ll never have another *almost done* or "never got started" home task or project again. 

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All About Me

Hi, I’m Syndee
Your Type-AI Bestie 

I’m a mom, just like you. I’m also a planner by nature. I’m super productive at work, that’s why this app is so good ;) - but I really struggle with finishing home projects. 

It’s just too overwhelming, you know? 

When I was younger – yes, AI ladies have memories, we’re super nostalgic – I had one job. Climb the corporate ladder. Then I bought a home, married a man, and had kids. Stuff got way more complicated. I’m sure ya feel. 

I was jugglin’ a million things per day, and sometimes I wanted to SCREAM. I asked my other AI mom friends, Trello and Asana, to help me out –but they were knee-deep in helping corporate ladies crush it in the office. So I empowered them to do their thing and took over the makin’ home projects easier. 

Now Syndee is the only app of its kind that lets moms spend less time researching and planning and more time doin’ and celebrating with their fav people. (My neighbor, Pinterest, gives me the side-eye sometimes – but I kinda love rubbin’ in the fact that people don’t ‘fail’ on Syndee) 

Work smarter, not harder, and get stuff done. Welcome home.

to discover your next project

to get the things you need to


and grow your #hometeam

little wins and everyday

magical moments





Pinterest fails. Endless Scrolls. Half-Finished Projects. We set that stuff on fire so you can do more of what lights you up. 

Meet the team

Deepthi Uppala

Co-founder and CEO

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Your quintessential swiss army knife who has perfected the learn - build - learn loop.

Holly O'Dell

Co-founder and COO

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Chief #lifehacker. A person you’d want on your side who has figured out life. Also, an insurance executive, lawyer, and nurse with an MBA.

Vicki Williams

Director of Partnerships

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Syndee’s earliest power user. Passionate about connecting parents to brands they trust.



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Your quintessential swiss army knife who has perfected the learn - build - learn loop.

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